Basic features

SamplerBox allows for the manipulation of some basic features such as preset changing, sample looping, velocity sensitivity, volume, sustain, pitch bend, transpose, playback mode, and voices.

Two system modes

SamplerBox has two system modes available which is determined by the SYSTEM_MODE option in config.ini.

System mode 1 (by Alex MacRae) has more advanced features such as setlist mode, ability to modify system settings, MIDI mapping, and more. System mode 2 (by Hans Hommersom) is a simpler and easier system to use but with less features.

This section requires that you have an understanding of how definition.txt files work

Accurate velocity

Examples here.


You can now define up to 4 voices within presets via a sample-set’s definition.txt file using the parameter %voice.

For example, piano_60_v1.wav and juno_60_v2.wav can be found like this:


You can also write something like this:

piano_%midinote.wav_v1, %voice=1
juno_%midinote.wav_v2, %voice=2

More examples here.


To switch between voices you will need to using the MIDI Mapping function to map your desired device controls.

Sample randomization

If you have multiple versions of the same sample, for example alternative samples of the same snare drum, you can tell SamplerBox to randomize them by using the %seq keyword in your definition.txt file.

More examples here.


A reverb module (Freeverb) is available. Thanks goes to Erik for this feature.

Reverb can be enabled in config.ini either via the text file directly in /boot/samplerbox/config.ini or via System mode 1‘s menu under System Settings.


You must map its parameters to some MIDI controls via MIDI Mapping.


This is currently experimental as it sometimes produces undesirable pops and clicks.


Builds and plays back a chord from a single note.

Panic key

Control change messages CC120 and CC123 will trigger the panic function, killing all playing sounds. This can also be MIDI Mapped.


SamplerBox manages your sample-sets with a setlist.txt file found in the root of your sample-sets directory. If one cannot be found, a new one is generated and populated with all sample-sets ordered alphanumerically.

Upon startup, new folders will be detected and appended to the end of the setlist.

You can rearrange the setlist via the menu system.


System mode 1 only. For System mode 2 sample-sets will be ordered by directory names alphanumerically.

Sample-set definition management

Global behaviour keywords for every sample-set can be modified using this feature. This includes %%mode, %%velmode, %%release, %%gain, %%transpose, fillnotes and %%pitchbend.


System mode 1 only

MIDI mapping

Many features of the SamplerBox can be mapped to MIDI controls via the menu system.


System mode 1 only

System settings

Some of the system settings found in the config.ini file can be edited and saved from this menu.

More in the System Settings section.


System mode 1 only